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Dyson DC39 Multi Floor Ball Vacuum
Dyson DC39 Multi Floor Ball Vacuum
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The Dyson DC39 Ball Multi Floor canister vacuum is the first Dyson canister vacuum engineered with Dyson's trademarked ball technology for use on all floor types. The Dyson DC39 Multi Floor vacuum provides easy maneuverability on carpets and bare floors, with greater control than standard canisters because the ball houses many of the heaviest components of the machine for a lower center of gravity and greater stability. 

Some vacuum cleaners only pull debris up from the floor's surface, but the Dyson DC39 Multi Floor penetrates deep into carpet fibers to retrieve the lingering dirt and dust that other vacuums leave behind. The Dyson DC39 Multi Floor is efficient at removing debris from floors as a result of Dyson's patented Radial Root Cyclone technology. The DC39 Ball features enhanced root cyclone technology with reconfigured air channels to reduce turbulence and preserve air pressure allowing the inner cyclones to extract more microscopic particles and expel cleaner air back into the environment. This unique cyclonic technology is also the feature that allows Dyson vacuums to claim no loss of suction. The DC39 Multi Floor canister's fast digital motor enables the vacuum's suction power to efficiently reach beneath the surface of flooring to capture stubborn dirt and tiny dust particles. Once debris is picked up from the floors in the cleaner head it travels through filtration system while the vacuum uses the cyclonic technology to force dust out of the air and into the clear bin to be dumped into the garbage. 

With the DC39 Multi Floor Dyson made other great improvements for overall performance enhancement. The new Triggerhead tool is the only turbine head controlled at the handle, allowing the user to turn the brush bar roller on and off for switching between carpets and bare floors. Because the triggerhead switch control is located on the handle there is never a need to bend down to turn the brush bar on or off. The noise level of the DC39 Multi Floor is another improvement over previous Dyson models as the DC39 is much quieter thanks to the efficient housing of the loudest components inside the ball mechanism. 

The Dyson DC39 Multi Floor Ball vacuum includes a parking slot for storing the extension wand on  the back of the vacuum, so when it is time to pause or store the vacuum there is now worry about the handle tipping over the vacuum or laying on the floor. The DC39 Multi Floor also utilizes a  lightweight, adjustable wand to allow for cleaning up high above floor level. Attachments included with this model are the combination tool and a stair tool. The combination tool converts a crevice nozzle to a brush tool for dusting, while the stair tool is used retrieve dust and dirt from corners and against vertical edges of stairs. The attachments easily attach to the extendable wand on the canister vacuum. 

The Dyson DC39 Multi Floor utilizes the Dyson hygienic clear bin to capture and hold debris until it is ready to be disposed in the trash. The benefits of a bagless include saving money on bags, no hassle of changing a dust bag and the ability to see exactly what debris has been vacuumed. Disposing of debris collected in the clear bin couldn't be easier; simply remove the bin from the canister when it is near full or ready to be emptied and press the quick release button to open the bin's trap door. Collected dust and dirt will fall directly into the trash, allowing the user to avoid contact with the debris. The Dyson DC39 Multi Floor also uses a lifetime, non-removable HEPA filter and a pre-motor filter to trap all microscopic dust particles, preventing them from harming the vacuum motor or causing harmful allergy issues. Washing the pre-motor filter with cold water once a month will provide maximum effectiveness and extend the life of the vacuum, though the filter should be replaced once a year depending on use. With proper care, the HEPA vacuum system will effectively eliminate common household allergens down to 0.5 microns in size and disperse clean air throughout the home as you vacuum. The HEPA filter is certified to capture 99.97% of microscopic particles. 

The Dyson DC39 Multi Floor is composed of sturdy recycled materials that can withstand heavy-duty cleaning. The ABS plastic used to construct the body of the vacuum is built to last longer without cracking or scratching. Combine the smooth trailing of the canister, the easy maneuvering provided by the Dyson Ball design, the convenient on-handle control of the turbine head, the improved suction and cleaning performance of the cyclonic technology, the reduction of noise and weight provided by the Ball design, and the overall reduction of bulk in this unit all come together to make the Dyson DC39 Multi Floor an optimal choice for the canister vacuum consumer. 


  • Multi Floor - for every floor type including carpet, tile, vinyl and wood
  • Radial Root Cyclone Technology - captures more microscopic dust than any other with no loss of suction
  • Ball Technology - only Dyson canister vacuum with a central steering mechanism
  • Triggerhead Tool - only Dyson canister with the turbine head controlled at the handle
  • Detachable Handle - attach accessory tools directly to clean awkward or above-floor spaces
  • Engineered for Reduced Noise Levels - no compromise in performance; essential components are located inside the acoustically treated ball
  • Non-Removable HEPA Filter - captures allergens, expels cleaner air
  • Hygienic Clear Bin - see when the bin needs emptying; constructed from tough polycarbonate
  • Attachments - triggerhead tool, combination tool, stair tool
  • 5 Year Warranty - parts and labor


  • Patented Ball Technology
  • Patented No Loss of Suction Technology
  • Triggerhead Tool Easily Cleans All Floor Types
  • Hygienic Clear Bin Saves Money
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