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Koblenz Endurance U80 Commercial Upright Vacuum
Koblenz Endurance U80 Commercial Upright Vacuum
Item Id: 51-4712-31
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The Koblenz U80 vacuum cleaner is commercial vacuum cleaner by nature, but comes at a residential price. 

The U80 is a commercial upright that is part of the Koblenz Endurance line that promotes energy efficiency in lightweight vacuums. 
The U80  comes with a 50 foot power cord, polycarbonate chassis and resistant ABS hood making it perfect for commercial applications and requires no tools to access the belt and brush roll for general maintenance. Speaking of the brush roll, this model's brush bar is composed of a double helical Dupont nylon bristle system that is arranged to efficiently pick up those difficult items like hair and strings from carpet across the 12 inch cleaning path. The Koblenz U80 Endurance commercial upright vacuum features a 125 CFM open fan design that reduces the risk of motor burnouts and has rugged twin ball bearing construction for longer brush roll life. Also, the U80 features an ultra tough fan and 2 exclusive metal cord hooks. 

The U80 has a modern appearance and is composed of ABS plastics. The refuse tank is rectangular in design with a large, easy to use carrying handle situated on the front, top edge of the vacuum cleaner. At 11.6 pounds, lifting and carrying the vacuum is easy.  The handle of the U80 is easy to grip, and the cord hooks are made from metal making them durable and rigid.  The intake suction hose of the U80 connects with the refuse tank near the top of the vacuum cleaner and is designed with a suction carburetor that is not very common on many vacuum cleaners currently sold. This makes the U80 powerful, yet still gentle with lightweight rugs and delicate upholstery. With this carburetor system the amount of suction can be adjusted so that fabrics wont rip and matting wont get sucked along when vacuuming.

The U80 collects debris in a cloth dump bag which is easily emptied when unzipped; paper dust bag liners are optional. The base of the unit is built to withstand scratching from rough surfaces such cement floors. The underside of the vacuum cleaner is covered with a protective metal plate that is easy to remove, exposing the brush roller, motor pulley and belt. 

Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty For Commercial Use; 2 Year Warranty on Chassis, On/Off Switch, Metal Yoke & Fan.

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